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Approach an local auditor and give our module emu farming project report and local Auditor will get you a emu farming project report,which you can apply to respective bank. Emu farming Project report needs to be applied under venture capital–emu breeding farm. Once your project approved by bank and bank can apply for subsidy to nabard. Nabard will approve 25 % subsidy for your emu farming project report. Just 15% of initial amount is required to set up emu breeding farm. Example: If You want to set up emu farming with 10 lacks then minimum of only 2 lack initial amount is required and 25 % of amount which is around 2.5 lacks will be give as subsidy End to End guide line will be give to you on getting emu loan and subsidy. Once your loan gets approved then the Subsidy claim from will be given to you or to the respective bankers.

Incase if you feel any difficulty in getting loan for emu farming Please feel free to contact us and we will guide you end to end . Opportunity to get addition monthly income from emu industry-through emu value added products.


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